Elementor #2032

AMCS is the only public Montessori charter school in Texas that earned an A rating in all three performance domains—student achievement (90%); school progress (91%) and closing the gap (98%) in SY 2018-2019. AMCS performed exceptionally well in math, reading, and post-secondary readiness. But we take the most pride in our achievement in closing the gap among our student groups whether by race or ethnicity, special education needs, English language learners, or economically-disadvantaged. We remain true to our mission of providing the optimal learning environment for all, offering the best quality of Montessori education in a public school setting. AMCS’ consistent success is no less due to the great work of hardworking students, involved parents, and dedicated teachers and staff. Why Montessori? Amid countless reforms in educational systems and practices, the Montessori approach, founded more than a century ago, still prevails. The principles, lessons, and materials used by Montessori guides then are the same as they are now. Yet, search online and you will find Montessori included among the top emerging educational systems of today. Learn more about Montessori. You may start by reading the Basic Elements of Montessori Philosophy in our student handbook. Call or email us to schedule a tour or observation. We hope that from this experience, you will begin to understand why Montessori works. We look forward to your visit (in-person or online).